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      Baby Baby Girl Dresses Fall / Winter Florals One Pieces Pink Sets Verishop 6m 12m 18m 3t
      Dresses Fall / Winter Florals Girls Pink Verishop 2t 4y 6y 7y 8y
      Baby Baby Girl Fall / Winter Florals Girls Pink Sets 2t 6m 2t 12m 2t 18m 2t 3t 3t 6m 3t 12m 3t 18m 3t 3t 4y 6m 4y 12m 4y 18m 4y 3t 6y 6m 6y 12m 6y 18m 6y 3t 7y 6m 7y 12m 7y 18m 7y 3t 8y 6m 8y 12m 8y 18m 8y 3t

      Behind the Seams

      The Magic of Heirloom

      One of my favorite quirks about the South is the emphasis on material items being passed down from generation to generation. Furniture, Christening gowns, china and silver, or quilts, the list of possible inherited items is truly endless. 

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