Blue Notes

Calm. Serene. Tranquil. All words that come to mind when I see the color blue. 

For so many, including myself, blue is the favorite color. It is easy, breezy and plays well with others. What’s not to like?


And if you really think about why it is a perennial favorite in its wide array of shades, it is likely because it is grounded in nature. Because of its natural roots, it will forever be as classic and timeless as the sky or water. 

It just feels right to weave a little of it into everything. Our collections always have a little blue to enjoy, and for this release and our next, it has a lot. . .which we love! 

Take a peek here into some of the notes we’ve taken on blue.


Top image from top right: via Fran Keenan Design (@frankeenandesign), Beau Polo by Baybala, via Digemshop, Willow Top and Daisy Bubble by Baybala, via Kevmrc (@kev_mrc), Willow Top by Baybala, via Fran Keenan Design (@frankeenandesign), via Look Linger Love, Charlie Tee and Jimmy Short by Baybala, Beau Polo by Baybala

Bottom image from top right: via Classy Badassery (@classybadassery), Charlie Tee by Baybala, via Sabah Shoes, Daisy Dress by Baybala, via Farrow and Ball, via Spookii, via Classy Badassery (@classybadassery), Charlie Tee and Graham Short by Baybala, via James Header




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