Americana Collection: Red, White & Blue
There’s something wonderfully comforting and nostalgic about donning red, white, and blue. It instantly communicates the quintessential American summer aesthetic, from interiors to tabletop, to apparel, and accessories. And at Baybala, we love taking the idea and tweaking it slightly...
Your Mother's Day Style Guide
Whether you're searching for the perfect ensemble for a family brunch or a cozy day at home, we believe that the fabrics and silhouettes you wear should feel like an extension of your lifestyle: thoughtful, unfussy and beautiful.
Introducing: Baybala Loungewear!
Cuddle Up in Our New Ultra-Soft Styles What do you get when you take the comfortable construction, delicate details, and vintage appeal of all your Baybala favorites and translate them into pajamas for women and littles? Perfection, that’s what. These...
Color Story: Fall Blues
At Baybala, blue is an eternally easy, beautiful hue that plays well with other colors season after season. This fall, you’ll find our signature indigos and soft, pale iterations of the color in the blue garden print, our powder plaid pieces, and in the contrast embroidery dancing across the Lele and Kate dresses.
On Location: Swann Lake Stables
When Katie Gaston founded Baybala, she knew from the start that she wanted to champion the creative culture in Birmingham, Alabama, the city where the brand was born. Season after season, she’s chosen locations for each collection that are part...
A Fairytale Fall
The Fall 2023 Collection ushers in cooler days and evenings with the gorgeous embroidery and trims that charm Baybala customers season after season. “We have found, to our delight, that customers really respond to our prints and our specialty fabrics,”...
Inslee for Baybala

One of the greatest gifts of motherhood is connecting with other mothers. It is a different sort of camaraderie, one born of changing perspectives and a new sort of support system. And it’s exactly that special connection that brought Baybala’s founder Katie Gaston and artist Inslee Fariss together when Baybala first launched.

Trade Secrets: Charlotte Zacharkiw
Charleston, South Carolina, photographer Charlotte Zacharkiw is the sort of person that children, babies, family pets, parents and grandparents instantly feel at ease around.
On Location: Leaf n Petal
"Leaf N Petal has been around for as long as I can remember,” Katie says of choosing the spot for the Baybala spring and summer campaign shoot. “The one in Cahaba Heights here in Birmingham has a great mix of gift and plant material and I think any nursery is fun for wandering through."
Color Story: Turf Green
Yes the excitement of the last few hours of the Masters always proves thrilling, but we’re equally smitten with the pristine, rolling green slopes (and the storied azaleas in bloom) at Augusta National. Seeing this vibrant, technicolor shade of golf green is one of the first signals the warm days to come.
Enchanted Eyelet
We took a deep dive into the timeless history of eyelet and compiled a visual journey of sorts with the hope that you’ll be inspired to work more of this delicate, diverse fabric into your wardrobe.
Easter Hunt Essentials
Every culture around the world has traditions that ring in the hopefulness of spring. At Baybala we love all of it—especially the annual Easter egg hunts-be they in the neighborhood, at school, or in the backyard on the big day....
Color Story: Yellow
A bright, sunny bolt of yellow enlivens the Baybala spring collection. It’s the precise shade of a citron presse, the center of a daisy, and a child’s crayon drawing of sunshine on a beautiful day. In short: It’s so, so happy and fresh.
Neutral Florals
The power of a neutral floral is in its chameleon-like ability to transition easily between seasons, be it subdued fall, the dead of winter, the first glimpse of spring or high and vibrant summer. And that’s exactly why Baybala’s new...
On Location: Slim's Pizzeria

Slim's Pizzeria is a new restaurant in town with the chicest atmosphere. The food is comforting and delicious and the whole space is very  kid-friendly (a rarity with many stylish restaurants).

Color Story: Pearl Blue
This season at Baybala our muted pearl blue hue grounds the collection as the standout neutral. It’s somewhere between creamy gray and sky blue, and you’ll see it on pieces from the Douglas top for boys to the Lilibet dress...
A Fresh Start
“I really leaned into the neutral floral we used for pre-spring because I tend to invest in neutrals to carry me into the spring months,” says Creative Director Katie Gaston. “Then I shifted a bit brighter to pink for our extra...
Dusty Pink: An Uncommon Neutral
Pink. It can be divisive. Some people like it. Some people really, really don’t. And I sat in the latter camp for much of my life. I had no real reason to explore the color, and so I didn’t. However, when I had a baby girl in 2017 I looked a little closer. 
Edible Gifting: Personalized Heart Cookie Cakes
We love Valentine’s Day’s ubiquitous conversation candy hearts as much as the next person, but this year, we’re skipping the store-bought sweets in favor of these homemade heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie cakes from Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery. A...
Thinking In PINK ...
And red. ‘Tis the season after all.  Last spring, we visited the shade of Dusty Pink and looking back at the last few collections and those to come, the color has really taken root among our styles for women, babies,...
An Heirloom Story: The Emmy Dress
Did you know that every Baybala silhouette has an heirloom story? This is the story of the Emmy Dress.