Edible Gifting: Hot Chocolate
The holiday countdown is on and thankfully Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery has a quick, easy idea for last-minute gifting: homemade hot chocolate mix. Gallucci’s take on the idea is both healthful and helpful, too, since it doubles as an activity to do with children. Her recipe and tips follow below. Merry, merry!
Trade Secrets: MA Allen
Sophisticated. Comprehensive. Luxe. These are just a few descriptors that come to mind when presented with Raleigh based interior designer MA Allen's work.  As president and lead designer of her eponymous interiors firm, the spaces she and her team create...
Home Grown :: Neha Ruch
Neha Ruch’s online community, Mother Untitled, came onto my radar through Instagram earlier this year. I discovered the beautiful resource she has built for “ambitious women leaning into family life” and immediately dove into the varied profiles and great wisdom...
Into the Woods :: Fall 2021
Inspired by old fashioned fairytales and storybook illustrations Baybala’s Fall 2021 Collection leans into whimsical delights while staying true to our passions of thoughtful design, easy-to-wear silhouettes and heirloom quality details. Two new seasonal prints - Wildflower and Woodlands -...
Enchanted Eyelet
We took a deep dive into the timeless history of eyelet and compiled a visual journey of sorts with the hope that you’ll be inspired to work more of this delicate, diverse fabric into your wardrobe.
Afternoon Digs

As Audrey Hepburn famously worded it, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” And what is 2021 if not a year of hoping and believing in tomorrow? 

Check out our round-up here of must-haves and very-much-would-like-to-haves for your afternoon dig in the dirt as well as our favorite Baybala picks for the getting dirty-wash-repeat of the summer days ahead.

Meadow Print
Our Meadow print is a quintessential floral, in a color palette designed to be a year round wardrobe mainstay. For women and girls, this easy-to-style print is ideal for ushering in warmer weather and has a timeless feel, giving it staying power year after year. 

Timeless, feminine, pure.

When I think of how I’d like to dress my daughters, these descriptors consistently linger top of mind. 

Trade Secrets: Mary Catherine Brownfield
Not only is Mary Catherine Brownfield an Atlanta based lifestyle photographer specializing in families, fashion and professional portraits, but she is also a mama to two year old, Cate. We loved catching up with Mary Catherine and picking her brain on how to snap the perfect holiday family photo. 
The Magic + The Mess: Holland Williams
As we continue to catch up with inspiring women from around our community, we were thrilled to be able to chat with Holland Williams. Holland is a Birmingham family and interiors photographer and mama of three who we love for the stunning imagery and useful photography knowledge she shares all while keeping it real on instagram. 
The Magic + The Mess: Mary Margaret Chambliss
Birmingham-based photographer and mama of two, Mary Margaret sent us the most gorgeous photos of her kids, Aligood and Louis in some Baybala faves. We’ve long been enchanted with Mary Margaret’s beautiful photography (she’s photographed John Legend and Dave Matthews to name a couple!) and we were glad to hear her thoughts on the world right now. 
The Magic & The Mess: Life At Home
We had the pleasure of connecting (virtually, of course!) with women from around our community to see how they are doing, what their day-to-day looks like, and glean some wisdom. They each offer a unique perspective, and it’s been a joy to see them and their kids at home in Baybala. Read on to get some insight into how different women are taking on the quarantine. We hope these stories inspire, comfort, and create connection—we are all in this together!
The Magic + The Mess: Mary Ashley Twitty
Not only does Mary Ashley Twitty own a gorgeous floral design shop, Fox & Brindle in Birmingham, AL, she’s also a mama to two kids, David (4) and Maggie-Kate (2). We caught up with her (virtually!) to hear how she...
The Magic + The Mess: Brittany Mann
Mama of three to Amelia (4), Isaac (2), and Levi (8 months), Brittany Mann is BUSY. Yet, she hugely inspires us with her perspective and ideas—and our most recent chat with her was no different. She shared everything from her...
The Magic + The Mess: Katie Gaston
Ever wonder who the (super)woman is behind Baybala? Today’s your lucky day! Meet Katie—entrepreneur, mama, and fierce creative force of the brand.
Trade Secrets: Jackie Stewart

Whether you work at home, out of the home, or both—we know you’ve got skills, secrets, and tricks—and we want to hear them! When we need any expert advice, we turn to our most trusted source: moms. 

The Magic & The Mess: Karolina Petersson

We’re so excited to introduce our designer Karolina Petersson for the first installment of our Magic & Mess series. We loved Karolina from our first meeting a year ago—her warm, upbeat personality and effortlessly chic European vibe is hard to resist. 

Trade Secrets: Alice Callahan Thompson
Alice Callahan Thompson is one seriously awesome woman, mama, model, actor, and activist—we’d like to be her when we grow up! We got to know Alice on location of our photo shoot (check her out in our first collection), where...