Pre-Spring 2023

“I really leaned into the neutral floral we used for pre-spring because I tend to invest in neutrals to carry me into the spring months,” says Creative Director Katie Gaston. “Then I shifted a bit brighter to pink for our extra large gingham.” Gaston also continued to focus on wearability and ease for busy women (and littles!) on the go. “I know that what I reach for on a hectic day is whatever is easy and makes me feel good,” she says. “I really studied our past styles and developed new ones to capture this sense of ease into this collection.”

One new fabric introduction in particular inspired a song by Gaston’s little girl. “She made up a little tune about how comfortable it was during our shoot so I have a feeling it will be a hit.” And the heirloom details just keep coming. This season in particular, embroidery (that is miraculously soft and not itchy) leads the way, with work created by hand in Madagascar.

The Pre-Spring Collection

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Dresses Final Sale Florals Grey Pre-Spring Spring Spring 2023 Wholesale Women
Baby Baby Girl Blue Dresses Final Sale Florals Girl Girls Grey Khaki Multi Pre-Spring Spring Wholesale 18m
Dresses Embroidery Final Sale Girls Pre-Spring Solids Spring Spring 2023 White Wholesale 4y 6y 7y 8y
Baby Baby Girl Blue Checks Dresses embroidery Final Sale Girl Girls Gray Grey Pre-Spring Solids Spring Spring 2023 Wholesale
Blue Checks Final Sale Pre-Spring Spring Spring 2023 Tops Wholesale Women l xl

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