A note from Katie

Not so long ago, I became a mama... As I settled into motherhood and began to fill my son’s and my own closet for our new life together, I realized that I couldn’t find pieces that I loved for him or for myself. 

I’d find a onesie with the most beautifully soft fabric, but the print was too loud. Or if the print was a dream, then the legs had 76 snaps (or worse, buttons) to maneuver. For myself, I’d find the ideal casual yet pulled together, carry-me-through-the-day dress but then bend over to pick up my toddler and realize the hem was too short. You know the move. . . the one where you're balancing a kid in one arm while holding down the back of your dress with the other. And of course, there were the dry-clean-only tops that would be spilled on within five minutes of getting dressed.

Inspired by my Southern roots, a lifelong love of textiles, and the desire to have a closet full of functional clothes that I actually wanted to wear, I got to work. 

At Baybala, we make beautifully crafted clothing that considers the demands and realities of mom life—some days it’s nuts, right? We want a wardrobe that works as hard as we do. A dress that can handle a little mess. Clothes that are as easy-to-wear as they are to wash. Ease and style—without compromise. 

Have a suggestion for a wardrobe tweak that would solve a daily fashion dilemma (for you or your littles)? Send your thoughts and suggestions our way. After all, it takes a village. 

Welcome to Baybala! 

Katie xx