The Emmy Dress

Did you know that every Baybala silhouette has an heirloom story?

This is the story of the Emmy Dress. 

It started in London in the eighties.

“My Mom was with my paternal grandmother and spotted a beautiful dress at Harrods,” says Baybala founder Katie Gaston. “My mom loved dressing my sister and I up. This dress in particular caught her eye for the Liberty of London fabric and the delicate hand smocking.”

Just a few years later, it seems Princess Diana and Fergie felt the same affection for the adorable little number.

Clearly the details and fit and print had staying power because both of Katie’s daughters have worn the original dress, too.

“I've always told my parents I want to know the things that they really love because when we get to a point where you are deciding what to keep and what to let go, those will be the things that mean something to me. My mom clearly loved this dress, so this turned into one of those special pieces. It will be a little sad when my youngest grows out of it, but I can't wait to see it on my kids’ daughters!”

And that’s exactly how the Emmy Dress for Baybala was born…to re envision that same sort of emotional connection to an heirloom for other families to pass down.

With a few modern tweaks for comfort and wearability, of course. “I am sure there are many iterations of this dress over time, as it’s a very classic silhouette, but the Baybala spin is to make it a dress to be worn anytime that is comfortable but still very detailed and thoughtful,” Katie says. “We removed the white contrast detailing to bring down the formality and made it just a bit less rigid by adding elastic threading at the arms. The proportions are different to allow for more movement and we offer it in super soft fabrics that don't feel too precious and are easy to throw in the wash.”

This fall, the Emmy debuts in a long sleeve version with our Clara Dress and Clara Bubble.

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