Laundry vs. The Littles
Timeless tips from the Laundress co-founder Lindsey Boyd.

In our opinion there’s no better expert in all of fashion when it comes to laundry than Lindsey Boyd, co-founder of The Laundress.

We swear by the brand’s Crease Release to keep Baybala collars from curling and pintucks looking perky.

Oh, and the baby detergent and fabric conditioner, stain solution, and bleach alternative, too.

And that’s exactly why we asked Boyd for a few pro laundry tips to keep our future heirlooms looking their best.

“Definitely invest in a good drying rack because little pieces dry fast, shrink less, and get more wear this way,” Boyd says. “You can also see stains better if you were unsuccessful with the first wash. The dryer sets them in.”

 Boyd also suggests pretreating with  both the Laundress Stain Solution and Bleach Alternative for really tough stains on cotton and linen. The bleach alternative is color-safe, so it can be diluted for a long soak or applied directly to the stain itself.

And how’s this for a genius fellow-Moms-just-get-it hack? “In a pinch use baby wipes on new stains. Just remember to wash after!”


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