Behind the Seams
Volume 5

For Fall 2022, Baybala’s Katie Gaston looked to a small-scale European floral to inform her collection for ladies and littles. “The key is allowing myself the time and space to daydream, which is extremely difficult at this point in our small business,” Katie laughs. Still, daydreams of wildflowerish blooms lead the way. “One of my favorite flowers is a deep reddish purple scabiosa because it  feels equal parts wild and restrained, moody and happy, just like the botanical renderings in our meandering floral print,” she says. “It also happens to remind me of a favorite florist and friend, which makes me smile.”

The rest of the collection echoes the scarlet, emerald, blush, and aubergine hues found in this grounding print. “The colors feel festive for all the fall holidays without leaning heavily or literally into any one in particular.”

Other standout details include delicate stitching on the sashes of all of the dresses for women, practical and polished button-covered snaps, a new tulip twill for girls, and very special embroidery on the Otis onesie collar for infants. “It’s exactly the sort of finishing touch I wanted for my son when he was a baby,” Katie says. “It’s just so classic and handsome.” Most of all though the real takeaway is wearability. “I don’t ever want our customers itching to get home so they can change their clothes: I want them to feel comfortable and like themselves.”

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