With Clara Schoen from @thehomeorganized_

As parents of littles we’ve all experienced the drama of packing (and unpacking) for family trips. And as this year’s holiday travel season begins, we turned to an expert, Clara Schoen of @thehomeorganized to show us a few of her favorite hacks for making the process a little less daunting—and keeping all the pretty Baybala details from crumpling and rumpling.

Start with Organizing

First, make a checklist. Baybala has the most adorable and thoughtful coordinating sets to make each day pairings seamless.

Clip accessories to each outfit. We used a hanger clip to keep a ribbon attached to an outfit.

We can’t recommend packing cubes enough! Pack each day in a cube for all family members. Fill it back up at night to keep clean and dirty clothes separated. Have an additional cube for back up clothes as well as for jackets and sweaters.

Next, roll outfits to keep creases and wrinkles at bay.

No packing cubes? Use an extra pillow case to keep daily outfits separated.  

Tips to Keep WrinkleS at Bay

Roll all clothing items instead of folding. This will help eliminate creases and wrinkles while items are packed away in luggage.

Place clothing items and packing cubes to help garments stay grouped together and inform.

If you need a touchup, we love the Nori press double sided iron with six fabric specific heat settings and steam control.

Grab a travel size downy wrinkle release spray for your purse or post flight.


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