On Location
Slim's Pizzeria

We are big into supporting our community and when it came to choosing a location for our Pre-Spring shoot, we decide to showcase Baybala at one of favorite local destinations, Slims Pizzeria on Church Street.

The atmosphere feels very European and cozy and the food and drinks are delicious so you don't have to compromise good food and drink for an atmosphere that is appropriate for kids.

Located in Crestline Village in the heart of Mountain Brook, you can spill out onto the sidewalk or over to city hall's fountain lawn during warm weather if there happens to be a wait. They offer a lovely sundae for kids that is super fun. It's not a super quiet atmosphere which is part of what makes it so festive and family friendly. If your kids are being loud, it's likely no one will notice. 

What To Order: A chopped salad, their sausage and fennel pizza, and sblagliatos for the grown-ups.

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