A 2022 Closet Refresh

I feel like my family is finally hitting our 2022 stride, and at our house, a new year means new projects—tasks aimed at clearing the clutter and starting the year fresh. This year, my daughter’s closet is the first item on the punch list. 

Her main closet doubles as a small playroom, which means it’s in a constant fluid state; honestly, it’s a tangled mashup of toys and clothes more often than not. But when we moved her into her “big girl” room from the nursery, we also relocated a well-loved Swedish armoire my mother and I scooped up on an antiquing trip to Round Top, Texas. (Prior to the move, the armoire lived in both our bedroom and the living room for long stretches.) Until now, it’s main function in her room was a simple ornamental one. 

Our 2022 goal? Transform the antique piece into a tidy repository for foldable items like socks, t-shirts, shorts, pants, and pajamas as well as loose, easy-to-lose necessities such as shoes. Running a hanging bar inside the armoire’s top half, also gives us a place to hang grab-and-go seasonal favorites like Baybala’s Bethy Dress in Pink Clay. Finally, I’m hoping that using baskets and hangers that are as pretty as they are functional will inspire us to keep the space an orderly one. 

To get the look, check out our roundup below.  


Shoppable Links: Armoire, Bins, Hangers (Tops), Hangers (Bottoms), Laundry Basket, Bethy Dress in Pink Clay, Carolyn Dress in Floral Ribbon, Kitty Playsuit in Pink Clay, Carolyn Bubble in Floral Ribbon


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