Behind the Seams

One of my favorite quirks about the South is the emphasis on material items being passed down from generation to generation. Furniture, Christening gowns, china and silver, or quilts, the list of possible inherited items is truly endless. 

In order for these memory time capsules to make it through generations, there has to be a focus on quality–things that are made to last. And there has to be an eye toward timelessness.

We really take those key traits to heart when designing for Baybala, in particular for our modern heirloom silhouettes. It’s all about quality craftsmanship and intricate, classic detailing that has and always will stand the test of time. 

And while the quality and design details are so much of what makes these pieces special, what really makes them favorites are the memories. Whether it’s a desk or a lamp in my daughter’s room from my own childhood, a piece of furniture passed down to me from a dear mentor, or a dress that my middle and soon youngest child wore to their second birthday parties just like my sister and I did, there is so much joy in using and wearing things that have so much meaning. 

It is always my hope that each piece we design can one day be a part of those memories for the women and children who wear them. 

The Heirloom Collection

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Dresses Girls Pink Pre-Spring 2022 Solids Spring Summer Verishop 2t 3t 4y 5y 6y 7y 8y
Baby Baby Girl embroidery Girls Heirloom One Pieces Pre-Spring 2022 Solids Spring Summer Verishop White 3m 6m 12m 18m 2t 3t
Dresses embroidery Girls Heirloom Pre-Spring 2022 Solids Spring Summer Verishop White 2t 3t 4y 5y 6y 7y 8y
Baby Baby Girl embroidery Girls Pre-Spring 2022 Sets White 2t 3m 2t 6m 2t 12m 2t 18m 2t 2t 2t 3t 3t 3m 3t 6m 3t 12m 3t 18m 3t 2t 3t 3t 4y 3m 4y 6m 4y 12m 4y 18m 4y 2t 4y 3t 5y 3m 5y 6m 5y 12m 5y 18m 5y 2t 5y 3t 6y 3m 6y 6m 6y 12m 6y 18m 6y 2t 6y 3t 7y 3m 7y 6m 7y 12m 7y 18m 7y 2t 7y 3t 8y 3m 8y 6m 8y 12m 8y 18m 8y 2t 8y 3t

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