Pink. It can be divisive. Some people like it. Some people really, really don’t. And I sat in the latter camp for much of my life. I had no real reason to explore the color, and so I didn’t. However, when I had a baby girl in 2017 I looked a little closer. 

While bubblegum and sweetheart pink will always read too sugary for me, a muddied up version can be intriguing, mood shifting, and even neutral. 

I’m actually in the process of painting my three-year-old daughter's room muted pink, and 17 wall swatches later I feel like the color and I are very, very well acquainted. Through this getting-to-know-you period, I have come to realize that one of my favorite features of this multifaceted shade is its ability to play well with others. The right shade can really serve as an unexpected gel both in decorating and in fashion. 

A dusty, sophisticated hue, it has a depth that evokes a sort of juxtaposing bright comfort. And for someone who has historically shied away from the shade, this particular version seems to have taken root among my go-to’s, which is most likely why you’ll see it repeated not only in Baybala’s branding but also in our collections.

Whether in a dress, a shoe, or a wall color, give it a try! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and it might just become a favorite. 

Top image from top right: via Farrow and Ball, via Mae Barber (@maeberganbarber), via Hammett (@shophammett), via Bibs, Jenna Bush Hager's Home for Veranda, @jhinteriordesign, Ashley Gilbreath (@ashleygilbreathinteriordesign), via Julia Berolzheimer, via @papelnco

Bottom image from top right: via Julia Berolzheimer, Interiors by Meredith Ellis, Nicky Kehoe, Kate Dress by Baybala, Ariella Chezar Design, Jolene Dress by Baybala, Jenny Cipoletti (@jennycipoletti), via @papelnco


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