On Location
Leaf N Petal

Leaf N Petal has been around for as long as I can remember,” says Baybala Founder/Creative Director Katie Gaston of choosing the spot for the Baybala spring and summer campaign shoot. “The one in Cahaba Heights here in Birmingham has a great mix of gift and plant material and I think any nursery is fun for wandering through."

"Being around plants can be so comforting in a way. And I think everyone feels a little more optimistic about life when they are around them.I always buy my seasonal color from Leaf N Petal and I love taking in containers to them and having them plant them according to the season for inside my home. I currently have a big container of orchids and ferns in the center of my island that has lasted two months and is still going strong.”

Pro Tip: Get a petal points card and you get a gift card once you’ve received all the punches on your card!

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