I count myself #blessed for coming into motherhood in the time of high waisted jeans, fashion sneaks, and house dresses. I mean. . .mom fashion jackpot, right?!

But there is another fashion moment happening now that I count my lucky stars for, too. Enter eyelet. 

As a southern girl, this technique of fabric creation involving a combination of open cut work and embroidery has been a part of my wardrobe vocabulary my whole life. Even the trim on my diaper covers as a baby was eyelet, and it’s worth noting that the exact same diaper covers are still in stores and popular today. There are about 5 pair floating around my house as we speak (if you know, you know). 

And while many of us view eyelet with an air of nostalgia, I think we can all agree it’s having a moment in the fashion world. 

Trendy or not, it’s certainly a go-to fabric quality here at Baybala and in my opinion, one of the easiest to wear and care for. It’s a breeze to dress up or down, make sweet or accessorize for a bit of cheeky edge, and carry with you from season to season with a simple shape and shade shift. 

We took a deep dive into the timeless history of eyelet and compiled a visual journey of sorts with the hope that you’ll be inspired to work more of this delicate, diverse fabric into your wardrobe.

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