Enchanted Eyelet

Enchanted Eyelet

I count myself #blessed for coming into motherhood in the time of high waisted jeans, fashion sneaks, and house dresses. I mean. . .mom fashion jackpot, right?!

But there is another fashion moment happening now that I count my lucky stars for, too. Enter eyelet. 

As a southern girl, this technique of fabric creation involving a combination of open cut work and embroidery has been a part of my wardrobe vocabulary my whole life. Even the trim on my diaper covers as a baby was eyelet, and it’s worth noting that the exact same diaper covers are still in stores and popular today. There are about 5 pair floating around my house as we speak (if you know, you know). 

And while many of us view eyelet with an air of nostalgia, I think we can all agree it’s having a moment in the fashion world. 

Trendy or not, it’s certainly a go-to fabric quality here at Baybala and in my opinion, one of the easiest to wear and care for. It’s a breeze to dress up or down, make sweet or accessorize for a bit of cheeky edge, and carry with you from season to season with a simple shape and shade shift. 

We took a deep dive into the timeless history of eyelet and compiled a visual journey of sorts with the hope that you’ll be inspired to work more of this delicate, diverse fabric into your wardrobe.

Top image from top right: Baybala Rosie Dress Kate Moss in Louis Vuitton,  2006 Michael Kors, Baybala Rosemary Dress Olivia Palmero via Vogue (image by Splash News), Vintage Eyelet,  Vintage Victorian Eyelet, Baybala Dolly Dress
Bottom image from top right: Vintage Eyelet,  Kate Middleton in Eyelet Zimmermann,  Tory Burch Runway, Vintage 1950’s Eyelet, Baybala Eyelet Summer Mama + Mini Set Vintage Eyelet Garment