Color story

A bright, sunny bolt of yellow enlivens the Baybala spring collection. It’s the precise shade of a citron presse, the center of a daisy, and a child’s crayon drawing of sunshine on a beautiful day. In short: It’s so, so happy and fresh. We’ve included a few of our favorite sources for citrus-y inspiration in the form of an interior by Veere Greeney, fabric by Molly Mahon for Shumacher, a pretty printing of Peter Rabbit, and zippy, sparkling lemonade from Betty’s Buzz.

Images from top left: via Penguin Random House, via Betty Buzz, Emmy Bubbly via Baybala, Daffodil Floral Mother & Baby Set via Baybala, Daisy Dress in Daffodil Floral via Baybala, via The Ark Elements, via Katie Considers, via Schumacher

The lively prints of the Daisy and Emmy dresses and bubbles for girls and the Ella dress and Willow top for ladies are joys to wear and we hope you love them as much as we do!


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Baby Baby Girl Bubble Final Sale Floral Florals Girl Girls Mini Floral One Pieces Spring 2023 Wholesale Yellow 3m 6m 12m 18m
Dresses Final Sale Florals Spring Spring 2023 Women Yellow l
Dresses Final Sale Floral Florals Girls Mini Floral Spring Spring 2023 Wholesale Yellow 5y 6y 8y
Dresses Final Sale Florals Girl Girls Mini Floral Spring Spring 2023 White Wholesale Yellow 3t 4y 5y

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