Americana Summer
Red, White & Blue

There’s something wonderfully comforting and nostalgic about donning red, white, and blue. It instantly communicates the quintessential American summer aesthetic, from interiors to tabletop, to apparel, and accessories. And at Baybala, we love taking the idea and tweaking it slightly with muted, sophisticated versions of the hues like our Davy Tee in Flint Blue for boys, the Lindsay dress in Floral Blues, and the matching trio of the Lottie Baby Set, Dress, and Harper Top in Rosebud. Those Baybala pieces play well with more traditional palettes and seasonal products and together seriously up the festive factor.

 Images from top left: Elizabeth Dress by Baybala, via Jayson Home, Lindsay Dress & Daisy Bubble and Dress by Baybala, via Jayson Home, Jolene Dress by Baybala, via The Glam Pad, Willow Top by Baybala, via Clare V, Daisy Dress and Bubble by Baybala, Molly Girls Set by Baybala, and Elizabeth Playsuit by Baybala.

Red, White & Blue

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Baby Boy Boys Red Spring Stripe Tops 12m 18m 3t 4y 5y 6y 7y 8y
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Baby Baby Girl Floral Florals Pink Sets Spring 6m 12m 18m 2t
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