Collage of images of blue items from Baybala's collection and blue home textiles
Color story

At Baybala, blue is an eternally easy, beautiful hue that plays well with other colors season after season. This fall, you’ll find our signature indigos and soft, pale iterations of the color in the blue garden print, our powder plaid pieces, and in the contrast embroidery dancing across the Lele and Kate dresses. These are the shades we see and fall for time and time again in the style sphere, from interiors to Delft tiles to Indian block prints, to spongeware, to ticking stripes and even vintage baubles. Like our clothes, it’s all so, so timeless.

Images from top left: via Architectural Digest, via Aerin, Beckham Tee by Baybala, via Amazon, Jones Pant by Baybala, via Half Past Seven, Collier Dress by Baybala, via 1st Dibs


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Blue Checks Fall / Winter Multi Tops Women xs s m l xl
Baby Baby Boy Blues Boys Fall / Winter Solids Tops 12m 18m 2t 3t 5y 6y 7y 8y
Baby Baby Girl Blue Fall / Winter Florals Multi One Pieces Yellow 2t
Blue Checks Fall / Winter Girl Girls Sets White 3m 3t 3m 4y 3m 5y 3m 6y 3m 7y 3m 8y 12m 3t 12m 4y 12m 5y 12m 6y 12m 7y 12m 8y 18m 3t 18m 4y 18m 5y 18m 6y 18m 7y 18m 8y 2t 3t 2t 4y 2t 5y 2t 6y 2t 7y 2t 8y 3t 3t 3t 4y 3t 5y 3t 6y 3t 7y 3t 8y