One of the greatest gifts of motherhood is connecting with other mothers. It is a different sort of camaraderie, one born of changing perspectives and a new sort of support system. And it’s exactly that special connection that brought Baybala’s founder Katie Gaston and artist Inslee Fariss together when Baybala first launched.

At that time, both Gaston and Fariss were young first–time mothers and Fariss had recently moved from New York to Raleigh, North Carolina. There, Inslee’s art focus changed dramatically. “For most of my career I painted fashion figures and portrait-style illustrations,” she says. “Becoming a mother changed my brain chemistry. I became head over heels obsessed with painting the natural world.” Meanwhile, Katie sent her first collection out in the ether, much of it botanically inspired as well, and Inslee took notice. “I was hooked right away and have been a loyal customer ever since,” she says. “So it was a resounding yes to the idea of a collaboration.”

Inslee and her son in the very first Baybala collection.

Inslee and her son in Baybala's second summer collection.

This week, many, many months after those first conversations began, the Baybala x Inslee Collection drops. It includes everything from playful summer dragonfly embroidered tees for littles, to a feminine floral print inspired by the artwork Inslee is now known for dancing across pieces for women and girls. For Inslee, the smocked frock in the collection is a favorite. “It’s so flattering and I hope it will delight our shared audience.” Katie agrees. “I love the whimsy and colors. Inslee’s work fits so well with what we already create and having her signature on some of our most popular silhouettes is pure fun!”


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