The Magic + The Mess: Mary Ashley Twitty

Not only does Mary Ashley Twitty own a gorgeous floral design shop, Fox & Brindle in Birmingham, AL, she’s also a mama to two kids, David (4) and Maggie-Kate (2). We caught up with her (virtually!) to hear how she is coping with 24/7 togetherness. We absolutely loved her two responses—and think you’ll get a chuckle and inspiration from them, too. The magic and the mess, truly. 


At Home with Mary Ashley

 Real Life Version:

Our house is a complete disaster. We live for the ice cream truck to drive by. The kids are surviving off Frozen 2 and Easter candy. Mom is surviving off wine (my tolerance has reached Frat Boy status...) and popcorn. I spend my days telling David that he cannot sleep naked (WHERE do they come up with this stuff?!) and convincing Maggie-Kate that drinking her water by dipping her fingers in the cup like a cat is not very productive. 

Blonde woman in a blue flutter sleeve dress with lace insert kissing her daughter. Her daughter is wearing a straw hat and a mini floral printed pink dress.

 Cute Version:

We've built a victory garden in the backyard so we can grow our own fruit and veggies. We had plans to get chickens, but apparently so did everyone else and they're a lot harder to come by than I expected! With all the "free time," I've started making sourdough bread and actually watering my flowers, so hopefully there will be some lovely blooms for my brides this summer and fall. The sunshine keeps us sane (and also wine), so we try to spend as much time playing outside as possible.

LIttle girl holding a pink stuffed animal with her back to a fence is wearing a pink mini floral dress while her brother drives his car up the fence while wearing a blue embroidered t-shirt and green pants. Mary Ashley is wearing the Laura Dress; David is wearing the Billy Tee in Slate and Rob Pant; Maggie Kate is in the Bonnie Dress. 


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